May 2019: Hughes is promoted to associate professor with tenure

May 2019: Klusmeyer defends MA thesis on deep molecular line survey of 49 Cet
                 Congratulations, Jessica!

May 2019: Powell defends MA thesis on molecular content of Orion binary
                 Congratulations, Jonas!

Apr 2019: WesWIS is Wesleyan’s student organization of the year!

Mar 2019: Paper on vertical structure of AU Mic accepted for publication in ApJ!
                Authors include Daley, Hughes, Carter, Flaherty, Lambros

Jan 2019: Klusmeyer wins Chambliss Award for her AAS poster.  
                Congratulations, Jessica!

Jan 2019: Klusmeyer and Garcia present at AAS in Seattle, WA

Nov 2018: Hughes forms a new small body and adds it to the Solar System.
                 Occasional contact binary observed.  

Aug 2018: Hughes is PI of a high-priority project in ALMA Cycle 6

May 2018: Marino is awarded NASA CT Space Grant Community College Transfer

May 2018: Lambros defends MA thesis on search for molecular gas in debris disks
                 Congratulations, Zach!

May 2018: Carter defends MA thesis on Band 9 observations of AU Mic
                 Congratulations, Evan!

Apr 2018: Daley earns high honors for his BA thesis on AU Mic
                 Congratulations, Cail!

Mar 2018: Paper on turbulence in TW Hya accepted for publication in ApJ!
                 Authors include Flaherty, Hughes

Feb 2018: Hughes selected as a 2018 Cottrell Scholar

Feb 2018: Hughes releases Debris Disks: Structure, Composition, Variability
                to appear in Annual Reviews of Astronomy and Astrophysics

Jan 2018: CarterDaley, Flaherty, Hughes, Lambros, and Powell present their
                research at the annual AAS meeting in National Harbor, MD

Oct 2017: Powell is awarded CT Space Grant Undergraduate Research Fellowship,
                Undergraduate Scholarship, and Undergraduate Travel Fellowship
                Daley and Lambros awarded Undergrad Travel Fellowships

Aug 2017: Flaherty is PI of two high-priority ALMA projects in Cycle 5
                 Hughes is PI of three high-priority ALMA projects in Cycle 5

Jun 2017: Paper on 3-D turbulence constraints accepted for publication in ApJ!
                Authors include Flaherty, Hughes, Rose

May 2017: Press release on gorgeous Fomalhaut image

Apr 2017: Factor’s paper on d216-0939 accepted for publication in AJ!

Mar 2017: Paper on 49 Ceti accepted for publication in ApJ!
                Authors include Hughes, Lieman-Sifry, Flaherty, Daley

Mar 2017: Hughes is interviewed on WBUR about female computers. 

Oct 2016: Space Nights and Pedagogy Seminar featured on ENGAGE blog

Aug 2016: Press release on Lieman-Sifry’s paper on gas in debris disks

Aug 2016: Flaherty and Hughes are PIs of 2 top-priority ALMA Cycle 4 programs

Jun 2016: Lieman-Sifry’s paper on debris disks in Sco-Cen accepted
                for publication in ApJ!

Mar 2016: Press release on gorgeous ALMA TW Hya image

Feb 2016: Hughes forms a new small body and adds it to the Solar System

Feb 2016: Flaherty presents at AAAS meeting

Jan 2016: Flaherty’s paper on HD 141569 accepted for publication in ApJ!

Jan 2016: Hughes & Othon host CUWiP conference at Wesleyan

Dec 2015: Astronomical Pedagogy seminar featured on ENGAGE blog

Oct 2015: Flaherty’s first radio paper accepted for publication in ApJ!                                              
                Steele’s masters thesis paper accepted for publication in ApJ!

Oct 2015: Daley and Rose present at KNAC student research symposium

Sep 2015: WesConnect and Argus articles about Hughes’ Bok Prize

Sep 2015: Shanahan featured in APS article about Inclusive Astronomy 

Aug 2015: Othon and Hughes awarded grant from Petit Family Foundation
                 to support the Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics

May 2015: Factor profiled in WesConnect

May 2015: Lieman-Sifry is co-recipient of Littell Prize for excellence in astro
                 Congratulations, Jesse!

May 2015: Factor defends MA thesis on protoplanetary disk in Orion Nebula
                 Congratulations, Sam!

Apr 2015: Factor, Lieman-Sifry, and Hughes profiled in the Argus

Mar 2015: Daley awarded CT Space Grant Research Fellowship
                Hughes is PI of Faculty Travel Grant and STEM Education Grant

Feb 2015: Hughes awarded Harvard astronomy’s Bok Prize

Jan 2015: Factor and Lieman-Sifry present thesis research at AAS meeting

Dec 2014: Hughes discusses planet formation on WNPR

Dec 2014: Press release on swarms of Plutos around HD 107146

Nov 2014: Lieman-Sifry awarded scholarship for work on 49 Ceti

Nov 2014: Factor awarded travel grant for work on Orion proplyd

Oct 2014: Press release on magnetic fields in planet-forming disks

Jul 2014: Lieman-Sifry and Zachary present in summer research poster session

May 2014: Steele awarded prize for excellence in advanced astronomy classes

Apr 2014: Hughes awarded NSF grant for research on planetary system formation

Apr 2014: Steele defends MA thesis on debris disks around Sun-Like stars
                Congratulations, Amy!

Apr 2014: Flaherty is PI of an ALMA filler project for Cycle 2; 
                Hughes is PI of a “highest-priority” ALMA project

Mar 2014: Press release on gas in the beta Pictoris debris disk

Mar 2014: Press release on “Death Stars” in the Orion Nebula

Mar 2014: Encalada awarded a Goldwater Scholarship
                Congratulations, Frankie!

Jan 2014: Steele presents poster on thesis work at AAS meeting;
                Hughes presents results of 2013 CSWA demographics survey

Nov 2013: Encalada represents KNAC at CUR REU student symposium

Nov 2013: Encalada speaks at KNAC Symposium; Harney presents a poster

May 2013: Wesleyan radio telescope sees first light!

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