Group Members and Alumni

  David Vizgan, BA 2021 (expected) 

  Diego Garcia, BA @ Middlebury College 2020 (expected)

  Rachel Marino, BA 2020 (expected) 

  Jessica Klusmeyer, MA 2019 (expected) 

  Jonas Powell, BA 2018, MA 2019 (expected) 

  Kevin Flaherty, postdoc, 2013-2018 -> Williams College

  Evan Carter, MA 2018 -> PhD student, UT San Antonio    Thesis title: The Debris Disk around AU Mic: Using Scale Height as a Proxy for Probing the Strengths of Bodies in the Collisional Cascade


Zach Lambros, BA 2017, MA 2018 -> Industry                 Thesis title: Questing for Minute Traces of Molecular Gas in Circumstellar Debris Disks: AU Mic and 49 Ceti Edition

  Cail Daley, BA 2018  -> PhD student, U. Illinois               Thesis title: Using Vertical Structure to Infer the Dynamical Mass Hidden in the AU Mic Debris Disk

  Jesse Lieman-Sifry, BA 2015 -> Arterys, San Francisco
Thesis title: The Mysterious Case of 49 Ceti: A Gas-Rich Debris Disk and its Implications for Planet Formation

  Sam Factor, BA '14, MA 2015 -> PhD student, UT Austin
Thesis title: ALMA Observations of Molecular Gas Emission from a Protoplanetary Disk in the Orion Nebula Cluster

  Julia Zachary, BA 2017

  Amy Steele, MA 2014 -> PhD student, U. Maryland
Thesis title: Resolved Millimeter-Wavelength Observations of Debris Disks around Sun-Like Stars

Sanaea Rose, BA @ Wellesley College 2017 -> PhD student, UCLA
REU paper title: DCO+ as a Probe of Turbulence in the Disk around HD 163296 (working title)

Francisco Encalada, Broward -> U. Florida BA 2017 -> PhD student, UIUC
REU paper title: An Investigation of the Circumstellar Disk around TYC4496-780-1

Will Harney, BA @ Union 2015
REU paper title: Modeling the Circumstellar Disk of HD 141569

Angelo Ricarte, BA @ UC Berkeley 2013 -> PhD student, Yale U.
Paper title: Resolving the Moth at Millimeter Wavelengths

Noel Moldvai, BA @ UC Berkeley 2013 -> Google
Paper title: Resolving the Moth at Millimeter Wavelength

amhughes (at) * (860) 685-3667 * Van Vleck Observatory, 96 Foss Hill Dr., Middletown, CT 06459 * VVO109