Teaching people about space is one of my favorite parts of being an astronomer.  I teach several classes per year at Wesleyan University; some materials for my radio astronomy course are linked in the sidebar at right, but please email me if you're interested in sharing materials for other sorts of classes.  I've also taught and tutored physics and astronomy at the high school through graduate levels (through organizations like the Summer Science Program, Yale College Dean's Office, and Harvard University).  I try to keep my skills sharp with formal instruction in pedagogy and education research through coursework and workshops, like the CAE workshops and the AAPT Workshop for New Physics and Astronomy Faculty.   

Classes taught at Wesleyan:
- ASTR105: Exploring the Cosmos (Fall 2016, Spring 2018)
- ASTR155: Introductory Astronomy (Fall 2013, 2015, 2017)
- ASTR211: Observational Astronomy (Spring 2014, 2015)
- ASTR240: Radio Astronomy (Spring 2013, Fall 2014)
- ASTR430: Pedagogy Seminar (Fall 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017)
- ASTR431: Research Seminar (Spring 2014, 2015)
- ASTR555: Planetary Science Seminar (Fall 2014, Spring 2018)

Science Education & Outreach

I love the challenge and fun of communicating science to non-scientists. If you’re on campus, I encourage you to stop by the Van Vleck Observatory for one of our public nights, which are free and open to everyone.  The revamp of public nights into Space Nights and Kids’ Nights was funded by my recent NSF grant

In addition to assorted one-off events (like my interview with WNPR’s “Where We Live”Science@Cal and the Bay Area Science Festival), here are some educational initiatives I’ve worked with:          
Bryce Canyon National Park -  Astro VIP program
Harvard-Smithsonian CfA public observatory nights 
    - Museum of Science, Boston 


I'm also interested in issues of diversity and equality in science, particularly those that are gender-related.  To that end, I recently served on the AAS Committee for the Status of Women in Astronomy (CSWA), and acted as the liaison between CSWA and the Working Group on LGBTIQA Equality (WGLE).  I led the most recent update to the 20-year-old demographics survey conducted by CSWA and STScI, and I presented the results in the CSWA’s STATUS magazine and at a town hall at the 2014 AAS meeting -- slides are here

On campus, I am the current faculty advisor for the Wesleyan Women in Science organization (WesWIS).  People of all majors and genders are always welcome at our events, so please stop by!

amhughes (at) * (860) 685-3667 * Van Vleck Observatory, 96 Foss Hill Dr., Middletown, CT 06459 * VVO109