Travel Schedule


Jan 8-12: AAS 231st Meeting, National Harbor, MD

Feb 16-19: AAAS Meeting, Austin, TX

Mar 12-16: Star and Planet Formation in the Southwest (SPF2), Biosphere 2 Center, Oracle, AZ

Apr 9: Frontiers Lecture at AMNH, New York, NY

Apr 23-24: Squire Lecturer at Grinnell College, Grinnell, IA

Jul 2-3: KNAC faculty meeting, Williamstown, MA

Jul 11-13: Cottrell Scholar Conference, Tucson, AZ

Jul 16-18: COSPAR, Pasadena, CA

Sep 17: Astrophysics colloquium, Boston University, Boston, MA

Sep 28-29: KNAC Symposium, Middlebury, VT

Oct 9: AMNH Astrophysics Colloquium, New York, NY

The Past


Jan 3-7: AAS meeting, Washington, DC

Feb 20-28: Submillimeter Array, Mauna Kea, HI

Jul 6-14: Submillimeter Array, Mauna Kea, HI

Jul 15-18: vacation, Rand, CO

Aug 1-27: Astronomy VIP, Bryce Canyon National Park

Aug 27: move to Berkeley, CA

Oct 4-6: NRC/HIA seminar, Victoria, Canada

Oct 11-12: APS Colloquium, CU Boulder, CO

Oct 20-22: Harvard-Smithsonian CfA (including RG lunch talk), Cambridge, MA

Oct 23-25: vacation, Cambridge, MA

Oct 28: Colloquium, UC Berkeley Dept of Astronomy, Berkeley, CA

Nov 24-28: Thanksgiving, Little Compton, RI

Nov 29-Dec 1: Harvard-Smithsonian CfA, Cambridge, MA

Dec 13-15: Dunlap Institute, Toronto, Canada

Dec 20-28: vacation, Little Compton, RI


Jan 6-13: CARMA observing, Inyo National Forest near Big Pine, CA

Jan 27-28: Colloquium, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Feb 7-11: Transport Processes and Accretion in Young Stellar Objects, Bavaria, Germany

Feb 15-19: Family visit, Pembroke Pines, FL

Feb 28-Mar 1: CARMA Symposium, Berkeley, CA

Mar 2-5: Wesleyan University visit, Middletown, CT

Mar 16-18: CU Boulder visit, Boulder, CO

April 7-10: vacation, NYC and Morristown, NJ

April 11: LMA Seminar, Baltimore, MD

May 18: Colloquium, UC Santa Cruz, CA

June 3-5: Miller Institute Interdisciplinary Symposium, Tomales Bay, CA

June 18-26: Star Formation through Spectroimaging at High Angular Resolution Taipei, Taiwan

July 18-25: CARMA observing, Inyo National Forest near Big Pine, CA

August 11-12: Harvard-Smithsonian CfA, Cambridge, MA

August 13-17: Little Compton, RI

August 18: Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT

August 19-21: New York, NY

Sept 27: Mt. Diablo Astronomy Society Lecture, Concord, CA

Oct 6-12: Bash Symposium, UT Austin, TX

Oct 17-21: Signposts of Planets, GSFC, Greenbelt, MD

Nov 4-6: Vacation, Charlottesville, VA

Nov 23-25: Thanksgiving, Little Compton, RI

Nov 28: Harvard-Smithsonian CfA, Cambridge, MA

Dec 24-Jan 5: vacation, Eau Claire, WI and Little Compton, RI


Jan 7-8: CATS workshop, Austin, TX

Jan 8-12: 219th AAS Meeting, Austin, TX

Jan 26-27: CARMA TAC, Pasadena, CA

Jan 30-31: UCLA and Caltech visits

Feb 1: UCLA Colloquium, Los Angeles, CA

Mar 6-11: SMA observing, Mauna Kea, HI

Mar 26-Apr 2: CARMA observing, Inyo National Forest near Big Pine, CA

April 13: SOFIA seminar, NASA Ames, Moffett Field, CA

May 6-13: Revealing Evolution of Protoplanetary Disks in the ALMA Era, Kyoto University, Japan

May 21-23: HST TAC, Baltimore, MD

Jun 1-3: Miller Institute Interdisciplinary Symposium, Tomales Bay, CA

Jun 8: Peninsula Astronomical Society guest lecture, Mountain View, CA

Jun 10-14: 220th AAS Meeting, Anchorage, AK

June 25-26: CARMA TAC, Pasadena, CA

June 29: Bay Area Exoplanet Science Meeting, SETI Institute, Mountain View, CA

July 13-18: CfA visit and KNAC meeting, Williamstown, MA

July 19-26: CARMA observing, Inyo National Forest near Big Pine, CA

Aug 23-31: CfA visit, family event, Wesleyan orientation, etc.

Sep 15-22: SMA observing, Mauna Kea, HI

Oct 24: Colloquium, Columbia University, NY

Oct 27: panelist at Path of Professorship workshop, MIT, Cambridge, MA

Nov 22-25: Thanksgiving, Little Compton, RI

Nov 26-27: Harvard-Smithsonian CfA, Cambridge, MA


Jan 1: Joining the faculty at Wesleyan University!

March 20: DTM Seminar, Carnegie Institute, Washington, DC

Mar 26: YCAA Seminar, Yale University, New Haven, CT

Apr 3-6: From Stars to Life conference, Gainesville, FL

Apr 16: Colloquium, Princeton University, NJ

May 21-24: Magnetic Fields from Cloud Cores to Protostellar Disks workshop, Heidelberg, Germany

Jun 3-9: IAU Symposium: Exploring the Formation and Evolution of Planetary Systems Victoria, BC, Canada

Jun 11: KNAC faculty meeting

Jun 14: visiting Haystack Observatory

Jun 21: CT Planet Picnic

July 3: visiting Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Cambridge, MA

July 10-17: Going to the chapel..., Tiverton, RI

July 28-31: HiPACC Astrocomputing Summer School, Santa Cruz, CA

Aug 6-8: Panel review, Annapolis, MD

Aug 19-23: vacation

Oct 19: Astronomical Society of New York meeting, Union College, Schenectady, NY

Oct 23-25: Joint colloquium, Steward Observatory and NOAO, Tucson, AZ

Oct 26: KNAC meeting, Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY

Nov 4-6: Putting Accretion Theory to the Test, Annapolis, MD

Dec 4-6: UWV Colloquium, Morgantown, WV


Jan 6-9: AAS Meeting, National Harbor, MD

Jan 13-14: NRAO Program Review, Charlottesville, VA

Mar 12: MIT EAPS Seminar, Cambridge, MA

Mar 24: BU Astrophysics Colloquium, Boston, MA

Apr 2: UConn Sigma Pi Sigma Physics Colloquium, Storrs, CT

May 19-20: NASA Goddard ASD Colloquium, Greenbelt, MD

June 9-10: The Submillimeter Array: First Decade of Discovery, Cambridge, MA

June 23-26: Workshop for New Physics and Astronomy Faculty, College Park, MD

July 14-15: KNAC faculty meeting, Swarthmore, PA

July 22-25: Sagan Workshop: Imaging Planets and Disks, Pasadena, CA

July 28-Aug 6: Characterizing Planetary Systems Across the HR Diagram, Cambridge, UK

Oct 22: Physics Colloquium, U Mass Lowell

Oct 29: Caltech Astronomy Colloquium, Pasadena, CA

Nov 12: STScI Colloquium, Baltimore, MD

Nov 7-8: KNAC Symposium, Swarthmore, PA

Dec 8-11: Revolution in Astronomy with ALMA - The 3rd Year, Tokyo, Japan


Jan 4-8: AAS, including Next Gen VLA, Seattle, WA

Jan 20-21: Visiting Harvard-Smithsonian CfA, Cambridge, MA

Feb 18: CfA ITC pizza lunch talk, Cambridge, MA

Feb 25-27: NSBP meeting, Baltimore, MD

Mar 16-17: UBC/HIA Colloquia, BC/Victoria, Canada

Apr 23: Five College Astronomy Colloquium, U Mass Amherst, Amherst, MA

May 14: Joint NRAO/UVA Colloquium, Charlottesville, VA

Jun 17-19: Inclusive Astronomy Meeting, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN

Jun 28 - Jul 3: Gordon Conference on the Origins of Solar Systems, Mt. Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA

July 13-14: KNAC faculty meeting

Aug 6-11: IAU General Assembly, Honolulu, HI

Sep 17-18: Bok Prize Lecture, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Cambridge, MA

Oct 15-16: Astronomy Colloquium, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

Oct 16-17: KNAC Student Research Symposium, Williams College, Williamstown, MA

Oct 23: CCSU Geology & Planetary Science Club Lunch, Central Connecticut State University, New Britain, CT

Nov 14: Summer Science Program Alumni Dinner, MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, MA

Dec 15-17: US Radio/Millimeter/Submillimeter Science Futures in the 2020s, Chicago, IL


Jan 15-17: Hosting the Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics at Wesleyan, Middletown, CT

Spring Semester: No travel; on parental leave

September 20: Westport Astronomical Society talk, Westport, CT

October 14-15: KNAC Symposium, Middletown, CT

November 14-16: STScI High-Contrast Imaging Workshop, Baltimore, MD


January 27: MA-CT Regional Star Formation Meeting, Yale University, New Haven, CT

February 6-17: KITP Workshop/Conference on Confronting MHD Theories of Accretion Disks with Observations, Santa Barbara, CA

March 9: Astronomy Colloquium, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

March 21: Astronomy Colloquium, Amherst College, Amherst, MA

April 4: Astronomy Colloquium, American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY

May 25: NEROC Board Meeting, Haystack Observatory, Westford, MA

June 18-22: Gordon Conference on Origins of Solar Systems, Mt. Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA

June 26-27: KNAC Faculty Meeting, Colgate University, Hamilton, NY

August 17-23: Vacation, Minneapolis, MN

Oct 10-11: RIKEN Gaseos debris disks workshop (remote participation)

Oct 20-21: KNAC Research Symposium, Colgate University Hamilton, NY

Oct 26: Astronomy Seminar, Rutgers University, New Brunswick NJ

Nov 3: Science Seminar, Bennington College, N. Bennington, VT

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